Billeo with a side of Dropbox

One of the challenges we face at Billeo is properly supporting consumers who use our toolbar on multiple computers.

‘How to access passwords from multiple computers and keep them synced up?’

Let’s take my situation as an example. I regularly use my one Billeo account on three separate computers (office pc, home pc, and Macbook). It is easy enough for me to use a flash drive or online storage solution, a la Mozy, Carbonite, or IDrive, to back up my office pc to my home pc or my Macbook.

The problem is changes I make to Billeo on one computer do not carry over to the other two. If I’m using multiple computers regularly their respective Billeo vaults grow separately. While each computer will have the Billeo stored logins for, say, T-Mobile, Amazon, and Facebook, one or two of the three (but not all!) may have my PayPal or Netflix or Zappos.

When you have two or more computers, all with Billeo installed, all with unique logins stored, how do you decide which vault is your primary? How do you keep Billeo synced across all your computers?

An application called Dropbox may have the solution. With a Dropbox account, files I save in a specific folder on one computer are instantly updated and available in corresponding folders on the other computers I use.

This is an imminently useful tool and Dropbox knows it. Like other companies in their niche, they’re betting the free accounts (2GB) they offer will hook consumers who will eventually pony up for more space. It’s a good bet.

A Billeo vault at less than 100KB is only a drop in the 2GB bucket…yet, I can already feel the urge to upgrade my Dropbox account.

In the meantime, straight from the Billeo Cookbook, here is our recipe for Billeo with a side of Dropbox.

  1. Download Dropbox ( onto one of your computers
  2. Install it (thereby creating a Dropbox folder on your pc/Mac) and sign up for a free 2GB Dropbox account
  3. Backup your Billeo vault to the new Dropbox folder (Click here for help backing up your vault)
  4. Sign out of Billeo
  5. Click Sign In on the Billeo toolbar to bring up the Sign In box
  6. Click Options in the Sign In box and then the button with the ellipses (…)
  7. Point to your saved Vault within the Dropbox and sign in

Now any new login data should save to the Vault you stored in the Dropbox.

For the second computer:

  1. Download and install Dropbox to the second computer
  2. Sign in to the Dropbox account you created earlier–it should immediately sync your saved data from your first computer to this one
  3. Click Sign In on the Billeo toolbar to bring up the Sign In box
  4. Click Options and then the ellipses again
  5. Within your Dropbox folder you should see your saved Vault from the first computer. Point to it and Sign In.

You should have all the saved data from the first Vault. Any new logins  you record will save to the Vault within Dropbox, which will automatically sync to the folder on the first computer. When you sign back in to Billeo on the first computer any changes made while on the second computer should be reflected in your Vault.

One lesson I learned early on: Do Not Try to save logins to one Billeo account from two or more locations simultaneously (i.e. don’t let someone at another location use your Billeo account while you are using it). It just won’t work effectively.

Also, when you sit down at your computer, sign out then back into Billeo to ensure yourself you are accessing the most recent data.

A number of Billeo users have already begun syncing their vaults through Dropbox and all the feedback has been positive. If you’ve been using Billeo on more than one computer you really must give this recipe a try.

If you encounter any roadblocks in setting up Dropbox, or, if you’re just not comfortable implementing these steps on your own, feel free to reach out to me or one of my colleagues in Billeo Support ( /866-539-0782).


6 thoughts on “Billeo with a side of Dropbox

  1. I have tried for hours and hours to synch through Dropbox. The problem is always on the one computer running Vista. I think I understand the instructions and it evry once in a while it seems to work…..once…..then doesn’t. I don’t get an error, Billeo just dissappears.

    I really want this to work. Do you have any suggestions?


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