Browser Saved Passwords Are Soooo Last Week

We’ve all been there: It’s 11pm and you’ve just remembered you need to
pay a bill online.  Tired and frustrated, you open up the laptop
and fire up a browser. You find the company’s website in your bookmarks
and go to their login page and…

Why didn’t your login data auto-populate for you? Did you accidentally
delete them when clearing your private data last week?


After rustling through a stack of old mail, you find the paper bill
with your account ID – you’re halfway there.  Now you have to try
to use the old noggin to remember the password. After your third
attempt at an impossible 8 digit minimum letters and numbers with a
special character required password, you are locked out of the website.
The notification says, “Your account has been locked due to 3 failed
login attempts, please click this link or call this number to

You are really fuming now. The inconvenience of calling a CS
Representative is out of the question (you’ve been there before and
really don’t feel like kicking the dog again), so you go through the
mundane, thoroughly invasive task of resetting your password.

You click the link and enter your email address. You go to your email
and click the reset password link. At long last, you are able to reset
your password, but not before entering in the last four digits of your
social security number, correctly answering a ‘what is your mother’s
maiden name?’ type question, and naming all the state capitols in
reverse alphabetical order while rubbing your stomach and patting your

Finally! You’ve done it! You’re the man!

It’s 12 o’clock…

Ok, so maybe I exaggerated a little bit. Remembering website logins
isn’t always this time consuming and annoying. Also, I don’t advocate
dog kicking.

On the other hand, this scenario could be worse. What would happen if
you were forced to call a CS Rep. and they were unavailable or you
couldn’t successfully answer your security question? More times than
not, a late payment would happen.

Billeo has the solution for you with our Passwords feature. It’s very
simple yet intuitive. You can easily save a password and on your next
visit to the site it will automatically fill in. If you need to
view/edit/delete your passwords, you can easily do so by clicking a
button.  You can save multiple passwords for a single domain and
assign them unique nicknames for easy access. If a secure site has a
username on one page and a password on another, Billeo will save and
populate both without a hitch. Billeo’s Password Manager will even give
you the option to automatically submit your filled password directly
into the website so you will be logged right in.

Of course, this feature means nothing without security. Billeo encrypts
all of your stored passwords in a file that is located on your local
hard drive. ‘The Vault’ as we like to call it, is encrypted using
industry standard 128 Bit AES encryption. This data is yours and Billeo
does not have access to it.

Additionally, you can heighten the security of your passwords by
enabling or disabling some key toolbar settings. Personally, I disable
the automatic sign in feature for my toolbar so I know that I will have
to log in access my information. I also backup my Vault on a USB thumb
drive so I have a copy of my stored passwords in case of a hard drive
crash or if my laptop is lost or stolen. If you have multiple computers and would like to securely sync your passwords between two or
more computers/toolbars, I would recommend trying Dropbox.

I hope you try out our Password Manager feature after reading this
blog. If you already have Billeo, hopefully you learned something new.
As always, feel free to email us at for any
questions or assistance on using this great feature.


12 thoughts on “Browser Saved Passwords Are Soooo Last Week

    • Hi Darryl,

      Thanks for reading our blog! Roboform is a great product, however, they offer a free version with limited features, where as Billeo is 100% free. Our product can take you farther than passwords and form fill. The Billeo toolbar can be used to manage bill payments and online shopping. We also have an auto-save receipt feature to keep track of your online transactions. Check it out and let us know what you think.


  1. It is amazing to me how big and how cheap hard drives are getting. These 1 Tb drives could hold so much stuff! I think my first computer had a like an 8 Gb hard drive…lol. It think it also ran only on DOS!

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