The Billeo Add-on For Firefox Loyalists

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no internet access for the last decade or so you’ve likely tried or at least heard about Mozilla Firefox. If you still view Firefox as new or foreign then you may also find yourself regularly using a term like, “the internets’; or, perhaps you’re still waiting for your AOL floppy disc to come in the mail so you can dial-up to the “World Wide Web”.

…Not that there is anything wrong with that.

For the rest you, the ones present and actively participating in the 21st century, you know Firefox is a great alternative browser to the out-of-the-box options provided by Microsoft and Apple. From my experience, Firefox offers you fast and reliable performance, more features, and way better personalization.

Mozilla’s biggest claim to fame (and what sets them apart from other alternative options) is their massive selection of add-ons and extensions. I use them to customize and personalize my browser and speed up my performance and efficiency online.

Here at Billeo, it was a no-brainer to build our own add-on for devout Firefox-ists such as ourselves. In designing our offering for Firefox, we wanted to create an add-on that has all the features of the regular Billeo, but in a more compact and sleek package. The Billeo add-on, which by the way, is referred to on Mozilla’s site as Offer Assistant, is designed to run exclusively within the Firefox browser environment. It will not install to Internet Explorer and will not auto-run in your system tray at start-up.

Single Button View and Settings Menu

After installation, new Billeo users will find the add-on presented as a space-saving single button in Firefox’s Navigation Bar and have only Offer Assistant (our newest feature) enabled at the outset.

Existing Billeo users who install the Firefox add-on and sign in with their existing Billeo username will retain all the features and settings they are accustomed to using.

For all users, adding features and/or customizing the look and feel of the add-on are as easy as checking a box or two in the Settings Menu.

I personally think the default single button view just looks awesome. It’s almost as if the Billeo add-on is engrained into the default layout of the browser. Plus, it can save a whole row of much needed browsing space. I’m sure that fellow netbook and laptop users will agree that maximizing browser real estate is crucial.

If you are a fan of Firefox and don’t mind having Billeo absent from Internet Explorer, try out our Firefox add-on and let us know what you think.

Click here to get the add-on: Offer Assistant by Billeo


12 thoughts on “The Billeo Add-on For Firefox Loyalists

  1. I need Billeo for Firefox 4.0 Come on yall……I had to fill out this form manually! What is the world coming too. Who does that!

  2. Where did Billeo put my Ghostery app? It is gone, as is the weather and instead I have the time in Hong Kong, which I don’t care about. Please help me disable this app.

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  4. Don’t install Billeo for firefox as Billeo development is always 1 month behind the new updates and so all your saved passwords will not work because billeo App is not current most of the time .

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