The Billeo Add-on For Firefox Loyalists

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no internet access for the last decade or so you’ve likely tried or at least heard about Mozilla Firefox. If you still view Firefox as new or foreign then you may also find yourself regularly using a term like, “the internets’; or, perhaps you’re still waiting for your AOL floppy disc to come in the mail so you can dial-up to the “World Wide Web”.

…Not that there is anything wrong with that.

For the rest you, the ones present and actively participating in the 21st century, you know Firefox is a great alternative browser to the out-of-the-box options provided by Microsoft and Apple. From my experience, Firefox offers you fast and reliable performance, more features, and way better personalization.

Mozilla’s biggest claim to fame (and what sets them apart from other alternative options) is their massive selection of add-ons and extensions. I use them to customize and personalize my browser and speed up my performance and efficiency online.

Here at Billeo, it was a no-brainer to build our own add-on for devout Firefox-ists such as ourselves. In designing our offering for Firefox, we wanted to create an add-on that has all the features of the regular Billeo, but in a more compact and sleek package. The Billeo add-on, which by the way, is referred to on Mozilla’s site as Offer Assistant, is designed to run exclusively within the Firefox browser environment. It will not install to Internet Explorer and will not auto-run in your system tray at start-up.

Single Button View and Settings Menu

After installation, new Billeo users will find the add-on presented as a space-saving single button in Firefox’s Navigation Bar and have only Offer Assistant (our newest feature) enabled at the outset.

Existing Billeo users who install the Firefox add-on and sign in with their existing Billeo username will retain all the features and settings they are accustomed to using.

For all users, adding features and/or customizing the look and feel of the add-on are as easy as checking a box or two in the Settings Menu.

I personally think the default single button view just looks awesome. It’s almost as if the Billeo add-on is engrained into the default layout of the browser. Plus, it can save a whole row of much needed browsing space. I’m sure that fellow netbook and laptop users will agree that maximizing browser real estate is crucial.

If you are a fan of Firefox and don’t mind having Billeo absent from Internet Explorer, try out our Firefox add-on and let us know what you think.

Click here to get the add-on: Offer Assistant by Billeo


Have Your Cake and Eat it Too This Valentine’s Day. Mmmm Cake…

Ah, Valentine’s Day. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…  I’m actually kind of indifferent to the holiday, but for the sake of this blog post I’ll side with the lovers.

The phrase “Happy Valentine’s Day” has become so synonymous with retail spending over the years that some are simply not buying the idea (or a box of chocolates) anymore. The anti-Valentine’s Day activists say it’s a “pointless made-up holiday” or they proclaim, “I don’t need one day out of the year to remind me to tell or show someone I love them”.

The “Negative Nancies” make some fair points, but what would they have you do otherwise: Decline to buy the person you love some nice flowers or a small gift?  How about you just stay at home with your significant other and eat a TV dinner like any other night? Nothing says you care like a TV dinner.

No. You aren’t going to do that, because then you’d be a jerk. And no one likes a jerk. Except for maybe this jerk. He’s cool.

Convinced yet? I thought so… So now that you have decided to shell out the cash, you need to decide what to get your Hunny Bunny (< cough> Mom<cough>). However, you don’t want to spend too much. You know, because of the economy or something.

Another hurdle in buying the perfect gift is actually making the effort to get in your car and drive to the mall. For me, the mall is out of the question for a few reasons. First off, I’m a pretty lazy person. Secondly, there are a lot of people at the mall including kids. Just saying. Lastly and probably my strongest reason, this is the 21st century and shopping online is awesome. It’s convenient, fast, and more times than not, I can get discounts and free shipping.

Lets recap: Participating in V-Day? Check.  Shopping Online? Check. Finding a great gift for your soul mate (er, Mom) at a discounted price? Uhm…

Don’t fret. Billeo has you covered. Billeo’s free Offer Assistant brings the savings to YOU, while you shop online! Take a look at some of these great offers I’ve complied for you with the help of Offer Assistant.

Loyalty Program Merchant Name Offer Description
Chocolate Bank of America Ghirardelli Double Cash Back! Earn 16% for a limited time!
Flowers Bank of America FTD Double Cash Back! Earn 30% for a limited time!
Flowers Visa Proflowers Save 15% and get a FREE vase
Flowers Bing 1-800-Flowers 20% cashback
Jewelry Visa Zales Save $50 on purchases of $300 or more
Jewelry American Express Receive 20% off and free ground shipping
Jewelry Bing Things Remembered 20% cashback
Perfume / Cologne Bank of America Fragrance Net Double Cash Back! Earn 16% for a limited time!
Perfume / Cologne Bing Fragrance Net 10% cashback + Free Shipping
Perfume / Cologne Merchant Direct Free Shipping on orders of $59 or more
Hotel Visa Starwood Hotels Stay one night & the next is 50% off
Hotel Merchant Direct Orbitz WINTER HOTEL BLOWOUT: SAVE up to 50%!
Gift Baskets / Cookies Merchant Direct Mrs. Fields 10% Off All Products
Gift Baskets / Bakery American Express Mrs. Beasley’s Receive 15% off your online purchase

These are just a few of the offers waiting for you. Offer Assistant now boasts over 2000 offers from over 1500 merchants!

If you already have Billeo, all you need to do is start shopping by searching for the product you want in Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If you don’t have Billeo yet, just download the free browser app to gain access to the savings.

Also, since Offer Assistant may display up to three unique offers per merchant, don’t forget to configure the new Loyalty Program Selector to have Billeo display the offers you want to see. Take my case for example. Since my bank is Bank of America and I have a Visa credit card, I configured my Offer Assistant to display BofA and Visa offers first. Now I am guaranteed not to miss a great deal that I can use!

There it is: That’s my pitch. Legitimate holiday or not, I hope you and your mom (just admit it already!) have a great Valentine’s Day.

Either way, check out Offer Assistant. Whether you’re buying gifts for others or shopping for your own stuff, it can help save you money. Even in the best of economic times that’s a pretty good thing.

Let us know what you bought and how much money you saved on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at

Now Batting…

Our long time users know Billeo has always offered a “Murderers Row” of three big hitting features. With a recent addition to the lineup card, Billeo now consists of four power hitters: (listed not necessarily in order of power) Bill Pay Assistant, Shopping Assistant, Password Assistant, and Offer Assistant.

If you are new to Billeo you may be asking, “So who’s the new guy in the lineup?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Introducing…

(wait for it)…

Offer Assistant!

The OA is a beast of a feature on performance enhancers. Call it OA-Rod, if you will (you don’t have to). Though in reality, even without enhancers, the Offer Assistant truly is a game changer.

An online shopper’s dream, Offer Assistant brings offers, discounts, and rewards to you via your favorite search provider. Unveiled and demoed at Finovate in late September, it garnered some rave reviews by industry professionals and customers alike.

Using the Offer Assistant is as simple as searching for an item or store online. Your search results are then tagged with the Billeo icon indicating that a discount or several discounts are available for that item.

The offer tag gives you the ability to evaluate and choose discounts and rewards from banks, financial institutions and online merchants in one place within the main, unsponsored search results of the three most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Furthermore, if a coupon code or a specific payment card has to be used on the checkout page, the Offer Assistant will remember to prompt you during checkout, and assist in filling the coupon code.

Not to take anything away from the solid five year veterans in the Billeo lineup, but Offer Assistant is designed to help you find discounts and rewards easily when shopping online from over 360 retailers including Target, Best Buy, and Nike. Beyond the offers we find, the Offer Assistant service also presents discounts and rewards available to you as a Visa, American Express, Bank of America, Chase or UPside prepaid card member. I don’t’ know about you, but OA-Rod has my vote for Rookie of the Year and League MVP.

With a name like Billeo (personally, I like “Transacteo”, but it hasn’t quite caught on yet with management), it’s kind of ironic that half the features of the browser app are directly related to helping you shop online. “Transacteo” may never fly, but really, that’s what we do: We help you transact online.

Whether you’re buying a ticket to the game or paying a parking ticket you got at the yard, I think we can all agree that transacting online is the way to go. It’s convenient, discreet, and in most cases, it’s fun.

Why not make your online experience even easier and more rewarding? Step up to the plate and try out Billeo’s newly expanded suite of assistants!

Let us know what you think:

Browser Saved Passwords Are Soooo Last Week

We’ve all been there: It’s 11pm and you’ve just remembered you need to
pay a bill online.  Tired and frustrated, you open up the laptop
and fire up a browser. You find the company’s website in your bookmarks
and go to their login page and…

Why didn’t your login data auto-populate for you? Did you accidentally
delete them when clearing your private data last week?


After rustling through a stack of old mail, you find the paper bill
with your account ID – you’re halfway there.  Now you have to try
to use the old noggin to remember the password. After your third
attempt at an impossible 8 digit minimum letters and numbers with a
special character required password, you are locked out of the website.
The notification says, “Your account has been locked due to 3 failed
login attempts, please click this link or call this number to

You are really fuming now. The inconvenience of calling a CS
Representative is out of the question (you’ve been there before and
really don’t feel like kicking the dog again), so you go through the
mundane, thoroughly invasive task of resetting your password.

You click the link and enter your email address. You go to your email
and click the reset password link. At long last, you are able to reset
your password, but not before entering in the last four digits of your
social security number, correctly answering a ‘what is your mother’s
maiden name?’ type question, and naming all the state capitols in
reverse alphabetical order while rubbing your stomach and patting your

Finally! You’ve done it! You’re the man!

It’s 12 o’clock…

Ok, so maybe I exaggerated a little bit. Remembering website logins
isn’t always this time consuming and annoying. Also, I don’t advocate
dog kicking.

On the other hand, this scenario could be worse. What would happen if
you were forced to call a CS Rep. and they were unavailable or you
couldn’t successfully answer your security question? More times than
not, a late payment would happen.

Billeo has the solution for you with our Passwords feature. It’s very
simple yet intuitive. You can easily save a password and on your next
visit to the site it will automatically fill in. If you need to
view/edit/delete your passwords, you can easily do so by clicking a
button.  You can save multiple passwords for a single domain and
assign them unique nicknames for easy access. If a secure site has a
username on one page and a password on another, Billeo will save and
populate both without a hitch. Billeo’s Password Manager will even give
you the option to automatically submit your filled password directly
into the website so you will be logged right in.

Of course, this feature means nothing without security. Billeo encrypts
all of your stored passwords in a file that is located on your local
hard drive. ‘The Vault’ as we like to call it, is encrypted using
industry standard 128 Bit AES encryption. This data is yours and Billeo
does not have access to it.

Additionally, you can heighten the security of your passwords by
enabling or disabling some key toolbar settings. Personally, I disable
the automatic sign in feature for my toolbar so I know that I will have
to log in access my information. I also backup my Vault on a USB thumb
drive so I have a copy of my stored passwords in case of a hard drive
crash or if my laptop is lost or stolen. If you have multiple computers and would like to securely sync your passwords between two or
more computers/toolbars, I would recommend trying Dropbox.

I hope you try out our Password Manager feature after reading this
blog. If you already have Billeo, hopefully you learned something new.
As always, feel free to email us at for any
questions or assistance on using this great feature.